2nd day of our stay in Belém

In Belém happened also funny stories we wanted to tell you about.

The first happening was with Charly: When we put our luggage into our room in our accommodation Charly, curious as she is, discovered on the blanket on our bed some small gift. As she knew from former hotel stays usually there is always a small piece of chocolate on the pillow. This time it was white and she tried it but knew immediately that it wasn't chocolate - it was soap!!! Poor sweetheart ;o)

Another story happened with Niklas: After we lingered through the small markets in the city we decided to have lunch close to the harbour. When we finished with the food Niklas went to the neighbours table to say "hello". There was a Brazilian family who liked Niklas and let him try Acai which looked to us like a blueberry soup. It had a bitter taste but this berry is supposed to be very healthy. Anyway, Niklas liked Acai and got some spoons of it. The family was very impressed and clapped their hands with every spoon he ate more of it. This was so funny for him that he collapsed into loud laughter which made the family even more happy. So everybody was laughing and enjoying their time ;o)!


The local markets were worth going and looking at the people and the things they sell.                        

In the big butcher shop we bought some meat to put on the barbecue in our accommodation. We had a nice evening, sitting outside and enjoying our food...


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