More islands in the golf of Ana Maria (part 2 )

On our way to the next island we baked a cake and catched two barracudas with a fishing rod. The second one was really big and a hunter. He had one small fish inside his stomach.

In Cayo Cuervo were 5 fishing boats inside the bay. We read in our navigation software Navionics that you will get a lot fish when you give the fishermen a bottle of rum. That's how we proceeded and got a whole cube of shrimps!! For the next days we had enough to eat ;o)

We detected a small sandy beach. The children and the dogs were so happy to enjoy running on the beach... Charly found a fan made of corals.

We stayed another night because we got almost 30 knots of wind during the night and the next day. In the bay we met a couple in a monohull from Hamburg. It's a small world!!

Cayo Chocolate was a small spot for the dogs to go on land and the kids to play in the sand. There were some weird looking worms or mussels in the sea grass. (No, it's not the shit from our dogs! ;))

The next bay was called Cayo Granada. 3 small fishing boats anchored with us there. We had a nice sunrise the next morning...

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