The secret of Norman’s Cay

The next island we went on 14th March was Norman's Cay.

The history about Norman’s Cay was used as a stopping point for drug transportation between Colombia and the US in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The small aircrafts used by the Medellin Cartel were not equipped to safely make the journey from Colombia to the United States without stopping. A prominent member of the Medellin Cartel, Carlos Lehder, used Norman’s Cay as a central point in which planes could refuel before entering the U.S. His goal was to set up a base to fly easily to and from Florida, but remote enough to be bypassed on the radars of the authorities. He worked in connection with Pablo Escobar during the peak of the Medellin Cartel. Currently, he is serving life in prison in the United States without the possibility of parole.

location of the plane wreck

You could visit a plane wreck by snorkeling at Norman's Cay. The most popular story being told was that the plane was overloaded with kilos of cocain. The plane wreck lies in shallow water. There were a lot of different fish - in all sizes. It was an exciting snorkeling adventure.

We made two more stops at Norman's Cay. We found a dead body of a lobster on the beach and Charly was so brave to lift him up 😉

On the other stop we went with the dinghy to an awesome bay with a beautiful scenery.

Niklas watched the waves while Charly collected some rubbish from the beach.

We detected a small footpath from the beach to a main road. There was an old car next to the way as well as an old house (maybe from the 1980s) where Carlos Lehder or his "workers" had lived... We don't know if it was destroyed by a hurrican or by someone else?!

Our family 😉

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