A different shopping tour

On 31st March we went to Spanish Wells to go to the supermarket. Since Spanish Wells was located approximately one or two hours of our anchorage spot, depending where we anchored, we went every two weeks shopping.

This time we anchored very close to the entry point of the small town. When we started to lift the anchor we realized a bigger cargo ship coming closer. It had the same direction as we had so we let it go first.

After having found a place at a dock Dieter went from board to go to the supermarket. No 5 minutes later he was brought back to the boat by a customs officer. He wanted to see Dieter's passport and our cruising permit for the Bahamas. He advised us friendly that we are not allowed to go ashore. We were quite astonished because we hadn't read anything about it on the Bahamian government website. A police officer gave us the phone number of the supermarket and told us to order our food by phone. So we did and not one hour later we received our big delivery to our boat. The good thing was that Dieter didn't have to carry all the things because the way to the supermarket was not just around the corner. We could pay by credit card. It was a very uncomplicated shopping trip ;o)

When we received the delivery it felt almost like Christmas when you receive the parcels and presents...

We also needed drinking water for our tanks. The last time we filled up our tanks the water was for free but it tasted a bit salty. Therefore we used only for washing the dishes and for taking a shower. This time we paid attention to get drinking water. We drove to another pontoon and were told by the police and customs officer that we could pay by credit card. Water was very expensive. We paid for 2 gallons (7,5 liters) 0,56 cents but we needed 600 liters... At the end the owner of the fuel station told us that we could only pay cash! That was a problem because we had only little cash left. The customs officer was called again, we explained the problem and he took Dieter on the loading space of his Pick up to the next ATM. That was such a funny picture to look at ;o) But in the end we got the money and could pay for our water!

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