A fantastic week at Lencois

Lencois is a small sandy island with a small village. About 100 people live there, the houses are built very simple. But the people are very friendly and it is a safe place, not like Cabedelo or Belem. Nothing is locked, no big metal fences, no police. We found 3 small minimarkets and a house which sells fish. Of course you don’t have any marina, so we dropped the anchor in the middle of the river (on the other side is also an island).

In the small village are a minimarket and a restaurant operated by a couple, Laura and Barata, that provide also water and diesel to the sailors that stop here.  

We enjoyed the relaxing time. The following was our normal daily procedure:   After breakfast we drove with the dinghi and Rocky to a big sand dune and went there for a nice walk. In the afternoon we rode with the dingi to the “citycenter” (the minimarket) and met some of the local people. Some hours later we went back to our Whitebird.

On the second day we heard some loud music and were invited to celebrate the 5thbirthday of a small boy ;o)

Charly made friends with the daughter of the owner of the minimarket. She played every day with Carol and had a good time…

Isla de Lencois is a very nice stopover, before we continue northbound to French Guyana, again 600 nm (1200 kilometres).

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