A heart for sailors

The hospitality of Elizabeth City was unbelievable! Dieter talked to an elder man at the dock where we parked our boat and told him by accident that we needed to go to Walmart. The next morning Greg was there again and explained us that we could take the white SUV on the parking space from a friend. It turned out that this friend was also a sailor and handed us out the keys for his car! We didn't know what to say. This was the biggest present we received on our journey... If you thought about yourself, would you give your car to a foreigner you didn't know?

With the car we could easily make our shopping tour. On the afternoon we made a small picnic in the park nearby and relaxed in the shadow and were happy about how things could turn so easily.

The next day we met a family with 3 kids who have built their own catamaran. This family was very friendly and had a big heart. We were very impressed about their self built boat! We spent the whole day with them and the kids had fun playing at their house and in the park in front of our boat.

The city had a nice idea with a post box at the docking. We created a small letter and put it in the "harbour thoughts" post box 😉

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