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We watched out for quiet weather when we wanted to go through the Jamaika Channel. We had luck because there was a calm period for over one week in the Channel which was unusual. When we looked into the weather forecast we saw a strong wind area passing the first island in the south of the Bahamas. This was the island, Great Inagua Island, we were heading to. Consequently, we calculated the time of our route and decided to leave Santiago de Cuba half day earlier. This meant we went out on the 31st at 20 o’clock. 

The first hours we had some swell against us (;() coming from the Channel although we were close to the coast. Then we had to cross Guantanamo. We got an information paper which told us to keep 6 miles away from the coast for a certain distance. Therefore we had to face some more wind which turned down after midnight. When leaving Cuba we had calm sea and actually no waves. At 5:30 Dieter announced to Claudi „the wind is coming!“ We had 16 knots blowing from the side until we reached at 9:00 Great Inagua Island. First we couldn’t face the entrance of the marina. The harbour was very small and there were no real pontoons to tie the boat with. There were wooden constructions which was a big challenge to throw the ropes around a wooden pillar while in the harbour itself was also a lot of swell!

The harbour was only quiet for winds from the east and we had wind from the north. It should turn in the afternoon more to the east. Finally we managed to fix the boat and were so happy but exhausted to be at the Bahamas!     

Puh, it was tricky to tie up the boat without destroying it due to the wooden pillars...
What an amazing turquoise water!

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