A long journey to Arrecife and back to the boat…

Three weeks ago we took new molds from Niklas' ears for his hearing aids in a shop in Arrecife. Finally they were ready and Claudi made a long journey with Niklas to Arrecife...

Below you can find the steps we had to made:

1. rent a car, Dieter drove Claudi and Niklas to Corralejo (in the north of Fuerteventura) where the ferry to Lanzarote commutes

2. took the ferry to Playa Blanca (Lanzarote) and waited for the bus

unfortunately we didn't catch the ferry at 10:00 but waited for the ferry at 10:30                          therefore we had to wait again to take the bus at 12:00 ;o(                                           Claudi decided to buy a Snickers at the ferry and had the Snickers slogan - when things take a while... in mind


3. took the bus which needed approximately one hour to Arrecife

4. went to the hearing aid shop - it closed at 13:30 and we arrived at 13:20 ;0)

5. looked for a taxi to go back to Playa Blanca

6. ferry leaves every hour and we wanted to get the ferry at 15:00

7. taxi went fast and we arrived at the ferry at 14:55!!, could buy a ticket and off the ferry went (it was like taking part in a crime story...)


8. searched for the bus station in Corralejo (bus goes every half hour); unfortunately bus was away, waited another half hour and took the bus at 16:30 to Puerto de Rosario (45 minutes)    

9. change the bus and took the last one at 17:30 for another hour to Gran Tarajal

10. 18:30 arrival with new "Ohrpaßstücke" in Gran Tarajal!!!

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