A special project in the marina of Oeiras (Lisbon)

On 31st October we drove into the city of Lisbon by train. For the kids it was a big happening ;o) Unfortunately, it has been raining since two days, we visited el Mercado de Ribeira. This was a huge hall where you could have a look around all the different stands of food, eat or just watch the people.

After that we went into a shopping mall and spent some time there.

The next day we did a really cool project. Dieter had seen some paintings on the wall which surrounded the marina. So we decided to paint our logo on that wall as well to eternalize it.     

It all went well except the point when a dog wanted to sniffle the colour in the can. It all happened so quickly but in the end Charly knocked the can of white colour over and we had the mess!! This is why we painted/ had to paint two pictures...


On the second picture Charly was allowed to paint her first capital letter of her name into the heart ;o)

We were really happy to bring this family project onto the wall!

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