A storm is rising…

The latest updates show us that the tropical storm will have more effect on Martinique as we expected. Therefore we considered going into a marina next to Fort-de-France but the owner was very weird and told Dieter lies that they were full and didn't have capacity. Since we had some appointments at the vet with Suram and the audition center with Niklas we arrived only at the afternoon back at our boat. We were the last of two boats that were in the bay of Fort-de-France. It was a strange feeling that all other boats were gone because of the storm. The last days we got to know another friendly family from UK/ USA that helped us to find a more sheltered bay than in Fort-de-France. We arrived there with the sunset and await the storm with the other boats that are with us.

Luckily it is no hurricane but a tropical storm with wind speed of 25 knots as predicted by windy.com.

All documents are taken from noaa.gov (National Hurricane Center).

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