Adventure to Wangerooge

On 9th August we left Cuxhaven at 10 o'clock through the flap bridge. Our first stop was at the diesel station in the yacht harbour. We had 6 hours calculated to get to Wangerooge. The wind was more or less silent at the beginning and should become stronger in the afternoon. Of course we had heard and checked the weather forecast because there was supposed to arrive a hurricane in the night at the East Frisian Islands.

In the meantime Charly helped Dieter with navigation and detected a fishing boat passing by.


In the afternoon we set our fog and Genua vessel and had the current on our side to make some knots. 

When we entered the way point where we wanted to turn directly to the harbour of Wangerooge we realized on our depth finder suddenly the mark of 1,5 metres! Our Whitebird has a draught of 1,2 metres! And finally we got stuck on the ground but Dieter reacted perfectly by going backwards quickly. Nevertheless, we had no chance in entering the way to the harbour... Did we forget something important in our calculation? Because the weather was changing to rain and becoming worse we had to decide quickly what to do. Dieter decided to enter the next harbour of Wilhelmshaven where we could find shelter of the storm in the night.

The worse thing was that we had to move against the current and the waves were really small and uncomfortable. Whitebird was jumping and bumping through the water (but did it really good - no reason for worries!). Charly was the coolest of us 5 and was singing "Schaukeli, schaukela, schaukeln ist wunderbar"! She had her own kind of humor...

Fortunately, Dieter realized that we forget to think about the tide! We had low tide when we tried entering Wangerooge. That meant we could turn around, wait more or less one hour and try it again. Said and done! Fortune was on our side and we could happily move with strong rain into the harbour. I was really relieved when the lines were tied...

In the night we had strong winds with 30 knots (comparable to 55 kilometres per hour)!! Unbelievable when you feel it very close through the wall of your boat! Luckily there were no damages on the boat in the morning.

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