Ameland – a small little island

Like yesterday we planned a tour through the Wadden Sea. And like yesterday we got stuck one time ;( It is not so easy to reach the exact way where the water is high enough when you are 2 or 1 hour before high tide...

This time we had the wind from Northwest before we entered the Wadden Sea so that we could set the Genua and made 6 knots. In the passage of the Wadden Sea the wind moved to North which meant 18-max. 24 knots against us! It was not funny when approaching the harbour of Ameland; a ferry went out of the harbour and the shipping channel was very narrow, wind with 24 knots blew against Claudi's face - rain and waves crossing from larbord to starboard.

The harbour was already crowded with sailing vessels so we landed in 3rd row but were happy to be in a sheltered harbour.

Here are some impressions...


Do you find our Whitebird?




We had a perfect dinner! Self-made pizza, self-made bread with aioli and a glass of good wine ;o)




And finally a marvellous sunset...

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