Anchoring in a national park…

There was supposed to be nearly no wind for Monday but in the morning we could sail 6 knots without the help of our engines. Later the prediction was right and we had to run under engines. We heard from another sailor that you can anchor in a zone of a national park (isles of Atlantic Galicia). First you have to apply via application form that you are allowed to enter the national park zone. Normally, to get the "navigation permission for the waters of the Galician Atlantic" you have to wait 3 days. We sent the application form one day before we wanted to go. When we came closer to the zone and had no reply from the Galician environmental office Claudi called them and explained the situation. Short time later we had the permission and could also apply for the anchorage permission via internet.

On our way we had the luck to be accompanied by four dolphins that played with the waves of our fore.

When we found our anchorage bay we drove by dinghy to the beach and enjoyed the afternoon there.


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