Arriving at Los Roques…

On 14th October we started from Grande Anse in Martinique to the Venezuelan islands „Los Roques“. 

We needed 3 days on the Carribean Sea – unfortunately  with less wind on the last two days so we kept one engine running. The unbelievable thing was that we were accompanied by the full moon as it had been on our other sailing trips before. Everything went fine – no pirates, no squalls. 3 days that were acceptable for Dieter ;o)

Los Roques are called the „Maledives of the Carribean Sea“. We are proud to be part of this wonderful small piece of nature! 15 days without internet, self-caring and enjoying family time...

They have an airfield for small planes arriving from the capital Caracas
anchoring at Gran Roque

We arrived on Thursday the 17th at the main island Gran Roque. This is the island where you have to do your formalities like customs and immigration. We had to show up at 4 different stations. When you think that all 4 stations are next to each other you are absolutely wrong. First we had to cross the whole village to get to the military department and the embarcation of the boat. Then we returned through the village to get to immigration and the station of the National Park. For immigration we had to pay 50$ although the official price was 80$. The price for the National Park was really expensive. We should pay 430$ including the fee for the boat and for two adults. The children were for free. We didn’t accept this horrendous sum so the lady went down to 300$. Since we had only 200$ left and Claudi explained in Spanish that this is the only money we have with us she grumbled and accepted it. Since Venezuela has a high inflation all prices became high and they accept only Dollars or Euros because their own currency is counted in millions. That’s why curruption is a theme.

While we crossed the village we saw a small supermarket and several restaurants but you wouldn’t believe the prices they wanted to have. For a bottle of water you pay 4 $ because water is very valuable. A burger with french fries costs for example 15 $. Gran Roque is the only island for the people that live at Los Roques (there are not many!) to get food, fuel and water.

"Plaza de oliva" where you have free wifi - that's why you see only people with mobile phones or laptops

We guess that not many sailors stop at Gran Roque because of the high price for the National Park. But we stopped here because we think it is worth it and sometimes you have to pay for rare beautiful things. Before you come here you have to buy a lot of proviant because here is nothing to buy or it is so expensive that you don’t want to buy it.. You are allowed to stay here 15 days for which you pay. But we think that nobody cares if you stay longer... be continued

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