Bay “Anse Noir” or where the turtles live

A few days later we crossed from Fort-de-France to another bay called Anse Noir. It was 45 minutes away and there was absolutely quietness. The bay was very small but you could swim or drove with the SUP to the beach.

The water was cristal clear and you could see from the surface of the water to the ground. We were told by other sailors that this bay was typical to dive and snorkle with turtles!! Exited by this thought we tried our luck and Dieter saw the first day a turtle as it was eating something nearby the ground. We also watched different fish next to the beach and the seagrass on the bottom of the bay.

The second day Claudi had a lot of luck and could see two turtles. First at the seabed where they were eating surrounded by some small fish. Then she saw one of them coming up to the surface to take three times a breathe to descent again. As Claudi could take a closer look she realized that the two turtles were a mother and a child. The child had the width of approximately one meter and the mother double size. It looked really huge when the mother began to swim through the bay and Claudi followed after her via snorkeling. The feeling was beyond words! It was amazing and fascinating to have this big luck to be very close to such an animal!

Since our storage of food wasn't that big we continued the next day to St. Anne and Le Marin (the bay with the hundreds of boats on mooring as written in a former post).

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