Big adventure with a group of fishermen

2nd-4th November

Since the people from the coast guard were very official and the anchorage place was a bit roly we moved to another island where it should be much quieter. The place was called fishermen’s hut because some fishermen lived on that island in their hut. 

On the second day we visited them. They stay on the island for 2 months until they go back to Los Roques and their families. The fishing is better on Aves de Sotavento because they can earn more money with the fish from here. 

Charly and Suram felt in love with a puppy (3 months) of the fishermen

We had a great adventure because we could be part of the life of a fisherman. When they returned from their 3-4 hours fishing tour every one of the team of 10 people had its job to do. Some were putting the fish from the boats into the water to clean them, some were cleaning the fish from its fish scales and bowel.

El papa 😉 (with our fish)

Afterwards the fish were weighted in their baskets because a ship from Bonaire or Curacao comes to buy the fish. A kilo costs 4$ the father and boss of all people told Claudi. We got four fish and some mussels as present from them. Since we know that they nearly have nothing on their island and we asked them what they need the answer was some food. That’s why we packed a big bag with spaghetti, sauces, sugar, yeast (a necessary good for baking bread) and Coca Cola for them. The "papa" was so happy and you could see that it was a smile out of his heart...

In the evening of our 20th day of Los Roques we set sails in the direction of Curacao. We crossed Bonaire in the south and arrived in Curacao in the morning of the 5th November. Our first way led us to the fuel station to fill our tanks with diesel and water because they were nearly empty! Then we anchored in a bay called „Spanish waters“.

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