Big surprise at “Dos Mosquises”

27th-29th October

Becqueve: Since we had enough wind to sail we did so and needed 1,5 hours to our next island Becqueve. Since our anchorage place was a bit roly and their weren’t any fish to see we decided to discover the next island.

The island Dos Mosquises had a small reef with some big fish (about 1 metre long). While you snorkle quietly and dream along with the beautiful fish your heart stood upruptly still when you suddenly saw 6 big fish or more crossing you. After snorkeling we went to the island and found a big surprise.

There were 3 fishermen that ran a station for 3 different types of turtles. We learned a lot about them. The turtles swam in small basins. They were between 1 year, 6 months, 3 months and 4 days. The turtles come back after 20 years to the place where they were born. The turtles will be let into the Sea when they are 1,5 years old, 40 cm long and weight 2 kilos. The turtles of 6 months will become more dangerous because they eat meat when they are 1 year. The other two species eat sea grass when they are free in nature.

We were lucky that we were allowed to touch them and hold one of them in our hands. At 4 o'clock they got fish for food (only once per day). All turtles no matter what species and age ate fish.

The next day we enjoyed our morning with pancakes, a bath around the boat and spear fishing for Dieter. Allthough the view was only weak Dieter catched one fish. Since we found the 3 fishermen very nice we draw a little picture like a comic for them. They were very delighted when we gave them our present and a bottle of wine. Charly was happy when she could watch the feeding of the turtles once again.    


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