Birthday pool party

Next to the marina was the „Club Cienfuegos“- a hotel with a swimming pool. For a little money we bought our tickets and enjoyed our day.

By accident we got to know some Cuban people and a German relative. They invited us to a birthday party of a three year boy the next day. We thought about a present what a three year old boy could need. We decided to gave him some small cars. I think that was the best present he got; o) Charly and Niklas had a good time with the other kids.

After the swimming pool Claudi went with the kids to the Palacio Azul to drink a coffee and to have a look in the internet. This building is very old and has a telephone we know from former times but in Cuba still "alive" ;o)

Unfortunately, in the evening we had to face another accident with Charly... We prepared everything to take a shower on deck of our boat. Charly stumbled over a small rope while she was taking off her clothes. The misfortune was that she fell backwards into the hatch where one of our engines was placed. Luckily she fell first on the coverage of the engine and then on the floor. Claudi yelled for Dieter because she had to take care of Niklas. Dieter took her up and we could only face a little cut on her backhead with blood. Luckily the blood stopped very soon but the wound had to be sewed ;o(

Since we knew the children’s hospital already we knew where to go. We could only see this accident with black humour... But Charly had a real big guardian angel who saved her life (again). She was sewed with two stitches and got a small bandage after the surgery. 

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