Biscay: Day 2

26th September

8:30 sunrise  

Pictures of the Bay of Biscay


20:00 Dieter heard a noise of an alarm and was wondering why he saw the waves from the opposite side running against our boat. The rudder system wasn't working and the autopilot went down. This meant we couldn't steer our boat! We had to check quickly what was going wrong and what caused the problem with the rudder. Dieter looked into our hatch on portside and noticed that the rudder linkage went out of the connecting rod. We quickly installed our tiller for emergency so that we were able to stabilize the direction of our boat. Luckily the waves weren't that high... Dieter climbed into our hatch while Claudi steered with the emergency tiller. He tried to fix the rudder linkage with the connecting rod together but it didn't work! Since Dieter had problems with the movement of the ship caused by the waves you could imagine what he did... Nevertheless, he had another idea how to fix the parts together. Therefore Claudi climbed into the hatch to unscrew a chunter which helped Dieter to solve the problem. The technical details are not easy to describe so we leave it to this point. We were able to steer the boat via autopilot again!! It could have been worse because 15 minutes later the sun went down. You couldn't imagine how relieved we were because we thought that we had to give an emergency call!

21:00 Out of nowhere appeared a bird and flew around our cockpit. It was a swallow. We couldn't explain what a swallow was doing out in the Biscay. Not paying too much attention to the bird it flew right into our salon. Dawn! Not another problem with a bird... It was frightened and didn't want to fly out again. While trying to help the swallow to escape into the night it flew into the hulk and Claudi couldn't locate it anymore.

23:00 Suddenly the swallow flew in the direction of our door. Claudi was able to help the bird fly out again. Maybe it had looked for a place where it could take a rest for a few hours...


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