Biscay: Day 3

27th September

00:15 - 7:30 Night session Dieter

8:30 sunrise - ocean was quiet, nearly no wind, put on the engines



find out an interesting thing when our accident with the rudder happened (you can see the variation in our navigation line): we were between the border of France and Spain!




12:00 by accident Claudi saw a small fountain of water coming from the waves not far away - closer look told us that a small whale was on starboard side - 30 metres away he held his position! if we hadn't changed our course, maybe we would have been crashed into him...

15:30 fog appeared; the sea was like a mirror and the air became really cold; it felt spooky when you hear a cargo ship blowing its horn


we put on our radar system


Charly and Claudi baked a chocolate tarte for Dieter ;o)

19:40 a cargo ship went really close behind us with about 0,7 nm


Dieter was happy when sawing the coastline of Spain - a dolphin jumped out of the water close to our boat

01:04 we arrived safe in the marina of La Coruna!!

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  1. We follow your trip with our fingers on the map and your journey seems very exciting to us! All the best to you!

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