Biscay: Day 1

25th September: We started at about 9 o' clock after a small breakfast to our Biscay crossing. Dieter and Claudi were really exited about what was going to happen in the Biscay and what was expecting them. Most of the time you hear only "bad" stories of people who crossed the Biscay.

Before we decided which day would be the best for us to start the crossing we checked the wind and weather every day and a few days ahead. We should need about 3 days for the crossing after our calculation. The first two days should be 16 to 17 knots of wind and the third day was supposed to be quiet and nearly no wind.

We went north of the isle Île-de-Sein because the current was very strong to go south of the island. After going through a wide field of rocks the waves got stronger and bumpy but relaxed after some time. When we crossed the sea limit from 200 to 4000 metres the waves didn't change that much.

We had waves of about 2,5 to 3 metres, some crashed against the bottom of Whitebird which sounded really loud inside the ship. But more or less the Atlantic Ocean was relatively "quiet". Unfortunately, Dieter went seasick from the first day which at least ended when we saw the coast of Spain...

What to do when your husband got seasick, your dog felt uncomfortable because he didn't want to pee or excrement against the deck of the boat and on top you have two small children? Keep calm, relax and accept the challenge of the next days... So did Claudi and first of all made peace with the waves of the Biscaya. That helped to see everything more relaxed.

The relieved thing was Dieter took care of the night sessions (meaning every 25 minutes have a check around the deck and the AIS of the plotter to see if other vessels or cargo ships are around us) while Claudi took care of the "daily" business until 0:30.

The next steps show the "highlights" we had to handle with:

13:15  sea level of 110 metres - detecting a fishing boat which showed no AIS signal on our     plotter - watching if the boat held its position - we drew aside because it went into our course and had a long fishing net behind the boat

15:45 one dolphin crossed our boat

16:50 4 dolphins played with our bow wave

17:30 Claudi went on deck with Niklas and showed him 5 dolphins swimming back and forth around the boat

20:15 sunset


full moon which made the night lighter        crossing the sea limit from 200 to 4000 metres


navigating in the night                                                 4,5 knots of speed

0:30 - 7:30 night session for Dieter

to be continued...

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