Camariñas: in the marina and on anchorage

Our next destination was Camariñas. On our way we saw a group of dolphins of about 10 which looked really impressing when they swam through the water to hunt some fish. We also wanted to get some fish and put out our fishing rod. We had something on the hook but unfortunately it was only alga ;o)

On our way the Ocean was very calm so we fixed a hammock to the boat. Niklas liked it and fell half asleep...

We arrived in Camariñas the late afternoon. The next day we went to the supermarket and had a small look around in the village.

Charly made a cool detection. We have two emergency hatches in the salon and could see some fish through it. It was like having an aquarium in our living room!


In the afternoon we went to the bay vis-a vis and dropped down our anchor.

We drove with the dinghi to the nearest "beach" and enjoyed the last shafts of sunlight.



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