Caribbean French life

We were back in the country of the baguette ;o) From our anchorage position to the promenade it was only 100 metres. The first day Dieter did a crazy thing. He swam with a dry bag from our boat to the promenade and bought a baguette and pain au chocolate in a bakery for our breakfast. Then he swam back to the Whitebird...

We are really happy in Fort-de-France because it belongs to the EU and therefore we can use the Euro and our mobile contract. We are close to the city and have several restaurants, shops and supermarkets around us. It is nice to have short ways again and we don't have to take the bus for half an hour to reach the next supermarket. Opposite of our boat is a playground and a small beach with shallow water which the children like a lot.

Niklas is really good in throwing things from the upper deck ;o) Beside from some beach toys he has thrown Charly's pink crocs (these can be easily seen in the water ;o)) and a shoe from Dieter.

In the middle of the foto you can see Dieter's shoe floating away - but Dieter was fast enough with the dinghy ;o)

One afternoon Charly wanted to drive in a carrousel and had a lot of fun while Niklas liked to walk along the promenade.

In the evening it looks also nice to watch the scenery of the bay.

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