Carneval in Olinda!!!

On the 2nd March Claudi got her chance to visit the carneval in Brazil. Carneval lasted from 27th February to 5th March. First we thought about going to Rio de Janeiro where you could watch the "real" samba ladies but you sit in a kind of stadium on a fixed sit and look at the trucks with the best samba groups. But we decided against it because with 2 kids it would be a bit too much.                                                                                                         In the marina they announced to go with a bus to Olinda or Recife and to spend a day there and enjoy the carneval. Since Dieter had a problem with the heat and didn't like to be among lots of people Claudi decided to go on her own to Olinda because she really wanted to see the carneval. The noise and the crowd of people wouldn't be the right thing for the kids... And Claudi had to admit that she enjoyed her day without the kids a lot! She could just be on her own and enjoyed dancing and being part of the crowd...



There were a lot of groups making music, especially with drums and trumpets. Claudi also recognized a sign with the words "HAMBURG" and was more than puzzled. This group flew from Hamburg to Brazil to be part of the crazy carneval.


For lunch we had some real good meat spits.


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