Changed plan: Portimao

... Unfortunately, we are not in Madeira ;o( After having past 30 nautical miles (the waves, the winds were fine) Dieter didn't feel well and we finally decided to turn back to the Portuguese coast.

We arrived in Sines at 1 o'clock in the night, slept until 7 o' clock and continued our way to Portimao.



The lighthouse of the Cape of the most southern part of Portugal is named Farol do Cabo de Sao Vicente



Since the wind will blow for the next days from the south we decided to move to Portimao. We made a huge distance in the past two days and were fine with that.


Ciao Madeira...



It was a pity for us that we couldn't reach Madeira but the highest priority for us is that everybody feels comfortable and safe on board. Because of Dieter's fear arising when being away from the coastline we won't make it over the Atlantic ocean...

This is at first view not easy for us to handle because our plans seem to vanish to nowhere but we cannot help it. We have to make new plans that will fulfill our wish to discover the ocean-it won't be the Atlantic or the Pacific but the Meditereanean Sea.

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  1. Hallo Ihr fünf.....schade das es mit Madera nicht geklappt hat....aber die Sicherheit ist das wichtigste an Bord....Liebe Grüße aus Madeira und immer ne Handbreit Wasser unterm Kiel.....

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