Cienfuegos with grandma

Before Christmas Dieter's mother flew to Cuba to spend Christmas and New Year's Eve with us. We showed her Cienfuegos and had a nice time with her.

When going to the centre you generally take a bike or moto taxi. We could experience the procedure at a petrol station... First you had to pay for the liters and then you are allowed to refuel.

In the centre Dieter detected a queue and waited in the line until he knew what they sold. In the end he bought 4 packages of soap for 1 CUC (= 1€). The situation was so funny because Dieter said "You never know for what we will need soap. If soap is available NOW, we have to buy it ;)!"

Yeah, we bought soap!

We saw a funny machine for producing "churros". One small portion costed 5 CUP which meant approximately 20 Cents.

Unfortunately, we had also a serious injury. Charly had an accident with a swing and had to be taken to hospital. She had a cut underneath her eyebrow which had to be sewed but she had a big guardian angel!

The driver of the ambulance car put on their horn especially for Charly (but it was for God's sake not that urgent)...

pirate Charly in hospital...

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