Crasquí: meeting a nice family

20th-22nd October

The only island with two restaurants: Crasquí.

One restaurant belongs to a family with a 3,5 year old daughter who Charly liked to play with. Their restaurant was made with a lot of small lovely details and the family with Alejandra, Lipe and Alegría was very nice.

We ate lunch on one of our days and had delicious fish and pulpo. The children played together at the beach or in the house. 

Dieter got a speargun as a present from the family we met in Martinique. Now we could fish and enjoy what papa brings for dinner ;o) Dieter likes his new hobby – spearfishing. It is not so easy to wait, pick the right fish and of course you have to catch them!

Dieter got really good in speargun fishing and we had a lot of fish to eat ;o)

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