Crossing from Cabedelo to the island Lencois

On the 10thApril we left Cabedelo in the morning with down streaming water, heading north. We had 800nm (1600 kilometres) at the South Atlantic before us to reach the island “Isla da Lencois”. We were told that this is the last stop in Brazil which is safe to stay. In between there is “No-go-area” where sailors shouldn’t stop.

Every day we had squalls again. Some were quite long and heavy. On the second day a cargo ship, heading towards us, reached us via funk to ask if we want to keep our course. The reason was that our distance of contact would be 50 metres if both of us didn’t change course. To avoid any danger the cargo ship changed its course for some degrees and we could cross each other without any problems. After passing us it vanished in a kind of cloudy wall. This was very spuky and we knew that the next squall wasn’t far away… It was accompanied by bigger waves, rain and wind!

Due to the current we were fast with 5 to 6 knots – without much wind. During our trip we had sometimes higher waves, also against us, which made the whole thing more bumpy than we had thought. We sailed to the line of 3000 meters to avoid any contact with fishing boats at night because they didn’t have AIS and we couldn’t see them on our plotter.


This was the first time of our journey that we were too fast because of the current. You could reach Lencois only at high tide and we calculated our speed to our arrival time which didn’t fit together. So we had to reduce our speed a bit to make the arrival time more convenient.

On 16thApril when we had only 25nm left we had a strong current against us. It was a game like cat and mouse because our speed was only 2,7 knots! With that speed we needed more time than we expected. Nevertheless, we could increase our speed to 4 knots and managed to reach Lencois after 6 days at high tide at 14:15.

When we dropped the anchor and felt like having found a safety place we enjoyed our self made bread by Claudi.



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  1. Looks like Family otto is having a great time! SV Midnight Sun III just made it home to Pensacola, FL. Are you still planning to head this way? We would love to see you all again! - Neil
      Hey Neil, yes we liked the island Lencois a lot! Congratulations to be home again ;o) This must be a good feeling! We are still planning to get to Florida, maybe in December or January should be realistic. We would also appreciate to visit you... Lets keep in touch! Best regards to all of your family

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