Crossing to Grenada

On 22nd of June we started our journey to the Caribbean Sea. First we needed 4 hours to get out of the Surinam River to the North Atlantic. The weather forecast said we should have 13-14 knots of wind and a wave of 1,5 metres. Our new dog Suram behaved very good on board. He didn't get seasick. After the first day he was more self confident and made his walk around the deck while the boat was moving through the waves.

In our first night we had a thunderstorm. Everything was dark around us except the lightning on the horizon. At 4 o'clock Dieter awaked Claudi because the wind blew with 27 knots and we had all 3 sails out. Luckily we had the main sail in the reff. Whitebird sailed with 7 to 8 knots through the waves. One squall was followed by another one which took approximately 2 hours. During the day we crossed the Atlantic with waves of 3 to 4 metres high from the side. Sometimes one of these waves swashed over the side and sometimes over the whole front deck.

On Monday (3rd day) the waves continued - also to crash under the boat and the speed of 7 knots remained caused by the strong current. It was not an "easy going" procedure as we might have expected it. We crossed two oil platforms very closely which was quite impressive.

On Tuesday we turned the boat into direction of Grenada after crossing the north of Tobago. The waves arrived from the back which made the whole thing much more at ease. It was 7:30 o'clock in the morning when we reached the Prickly Bay of Grenada. When you are there you have to go to immigration and customs during the next 2 hours! Luckily everything is on the place where the marina is located.

This time we had to train our body again to be on land because we felt like being drunk from the boat.

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  1. Hallo, toll dass Ihr Suram aufgenommen habt. Er sieht echt süß aus. Wir wünschen Euch eine schöne Zeit auf Grenada. Liebe Grüße von Yepa, Marco und Kirstin :-)

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