Cruising to Cabo Cruz

On our way to Cabo Cruz (which is the Cap on the main island) we put the fishing rod into the water. What we didn't expect was that we would catch a big barracuda. It was heavy to get in on board because if you have bad luck it would bite through the fishing rod...

There is not much to tell about Cabo Cruz except a weird coastguard. He came to our boat with his two sons, very friendly to our children but wanted a special permission from us but didn’t tell us what he was looking for. He always said no problem, don’t worry! It had something to do with our dogs and he was more satisfied when he saw their passports. Maybe it was only tactical to see if he could make us insecure. He took some documents with him without telling us what he has taken. Later we knew that it was the document about our boat and a paper where you can see from which harbour we arrived and where we wanted to go. We got this back the next morning so that we couldn’t leave without it.

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