Cuxhaven – big steps settled!

7th August: A really important day for us! We had to solve the problem with our autopilot as soon as possible because spare parts need time to be sent or even a new system is not easy to get rapidly. Talking to the hot line of Raymarine gave us the clue that the electronic control unit had to be replaced which meant we have to get a new autopilot ;(

What to do next? Because we don't want to stay weeks in the harbour of Cuxhaven and wait for a new system fortune was on our side. After calling SVB (Yacht online shop) they told us they could sent a new autopilot within one day with a courier from Bremen! Wow!!!

While Dieter installed the new system in the afternoon I went with our kids to the castle Ritzebüttel and the beautiful garden of the castle where we took those lovely pictures.


castle Ritzebüttel


This foto took Charly ;o)

We don't have to forget to tell that in the morning Dieter climbed into our mast of 18 metres!! My biggest respect! We had to replace a plug of our antenna to increase the range of our radiocommunication from 7 to 50 miles.


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