Daily routine on board

We would like to give you an update about our daily life on board. After breakfast the kids have some playtime or we do with Charly some pre-school.

Before we prepare lunch we normally go swimming in the water if the wind and waves allow it. Sometimes the waves are too high when the wind is too strong. Charly also loves to make a turn in her pink little kayak.

Charly in her pink kayak 😉

When we have had lunch Niklas sometimes makes a small nap afterwards and Charly plays in their children's room. Claudi likes to sew. She has made a leggings for Charly and Niklas, a dress for Charly which you could wear from both sides, three t-shirts were changed into long sleeve shirts for Charly. Since Niklas' clothes still suit him Claudi has to sew more things for Charly...

In the afternoon we have a little coffee break, sometimes with homemade cake 😉

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