Days in Ijmuiden

On Monday 20th we left Terschelling at 8 to go out to the Northern Sea again. This time we had short waves for the first hours which were not comfortable for Dieter's and my condition. For the children it was no problem - they were playing and enjoying themselves.

Our goal was to arrive in Harvinghaven, Ijmuiden. On our way to the harbour Claudi noticed something black and round in the water. It seemed to be some plastic rubbish but after watching it for a while a head of a seal looked out of he water! What a great moment! At 19:15 we entered the entrance of the harbour after a long and exhausting day.

In the meantime we ate poffertjes, a typical Dutch specialty. They were really delicious and we all loved them...

Ijmuiden is a harbour in an industrial area near Amsterdam. They had a yacht shop nearby where Dieter bought some spare parts for Whitebird.

While he was maintaining at the boat Claudi went to the beach with the children. They were overwhelmed from the beach and the waves and enjoyed their own wonderland...


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