Discovering things at second glance

The first stay in Grande-Anse was not very long because the small village has only two small shops where you can buy the very necessary things. After some time our fridge and water tanks were empty and we didn't know that we could get water from here. The second time we knew better that we had to go to the big pontoon with our Whitebird and got water from an access of a small restaurant at the beach. We also experienced to go with the bus to the next big supermarket. This was an adventure for itself. You have to imagine that there is no name at the bus stop. You can only guess from a time table about the name of the bus stop. The big question is always if the bus arrives in time and if it comes at all. We were lucky and the bus stopped 6 minutes later than advised in the timetable ;o)

waiting for the bus at Grande-Anse

The weird thing is that two bus routes, Ea and Eb, exist and we didn't know which bus route stops where. When we finished our food shopping we took the same bus as from the morning but were astonished that it didn't take the same way back. The tricky thing is that it doesn't go back and forth but makes a round tour through all small villages until it gets to the point where we got in.

Another day we walked to the neighbour village Petit-Anse to drink a coffee. There was a small café but at first glance you would't discover it to be a café. Since we like our coffee with milk (and they didn't serve any) you just go to the little shop on the opposite side and buy for 1 € your milk...

You always recognize things at second glance in those small villages, f.e. the post office, the bakery, fruit market and buying fish from the local fisher men. But that's the point why we liked those places...

In Grande-Anse is a small beach restaurant, le petit bateau (small boat), which is one of the only restaurants that is opened in the off-season. It is nice to sit at the beach and to look to the water with all the sailing boats and one of them belongs to you ;o)

In the sand live a lot of crabs. Charly is always afraid when they come through a hole in the sand and pass very quickly because they are more afraid of you...

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