Diving in Mindelo

When we arrived in Mindelo on the island Sao Vicente we got help from the staff of the marina because we had only one engine running. We got the parking space at the fuel station...

The next morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast at the cafe/bar in the marina.          

We got to know some other sailors and there was at once a feeling of a good community. Everybody was taking care of the problems of the other and try to help where he could. This feeling didn't want to come over in the other marinas in Europe were we have been before. That was one thing we missed a lot...

After breakfast Dieter tried to free the propeller from the Parasailor. After some moments we knew that it was impossible to free the propeller without diving with a bottle. It was very exhausting to cut the tiny ropes from the propeller but after one hour Dieter managed to do so.


Charly and Claudi helped to rescue the cut off pieces from the water with a brailer.



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