Have you heard anything about Egg Island?

Depending on the wind direction we changed our anchorage position between two small islands of the big island Eleuthera. Since we weren't allowed to move between the big islands we had at least this option.

The following is an extract from Wikipedia how Egg Island got to its name and some other information.

"It's thought to be named because of the supposed chickens owned by residents of other nearby islands who travel here to collect the eggs; however, there are no chickens on Egg Island. Another theory is that local sea bird eggs were often collected here by the first settlers, these were then wiped out by the introduction of goats to the island a long time ago.

Egg Island gained some fame in the 1980s when Arne Molander claimed that this was the first island where Columbus landed in his 1492 voyage to the New World.

Recently, Egg Island has gained international recognition after Disney Cruise Lines started exploring the area for possible development of a cruise ship port. This project would have entailed dredging the sea bed to make way for a cruise ship port, drilling into and destroying coral reefs. Residents of nearby Spanish Wells and north Eleuthera were extremely concerned at the implications and started a petition to have the sale of Egg Island to Disney halted. ... After the petition was signed by thousands and much agitation, Disney announced that due to the environmental impact, they would not proceed with the project."

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