Do you want to meet a mermaid?

The next destination was Rudder Cut Cay where you can find "The Musician". It is a life-sized sculpture of a mermaid waiting near the bench of a piano for someone playing her a tune. The spot is placed near the private island of the magician David Copperfied. The stainless steel sculpture is hidden about 3 metres below the surface. Copperfield commissioned the artwork from Jason DeCaires Taylor.

We snorkeled down to the mermaid and the piano and made a small video.

Next to our anchorage was a beautiful white sand beach. Unfortunately, it was on a private island. We were witnesses for a sunset dinner they organised at the beach with some „romantic“ lights and music. We are afraid that we cannot tell which VIP was brought with a speed boat to this exclusive spot. But it was funny for us to watch the scenery from our boat ;o) – even though we were not invited.

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