“DO1 DOH” is calling …

In the beginning of our journey Dieter tried to make the SSB ready. The SSB is a long range radio system which means that we can not only talk via radio to other sailors or a station over a very long distance (up to the whole world) but also communicate data.

Until now we haven't made a decision if we take the way over the Northern Atlantic in our own boat or if we park the boat in a marina in North Carolina and fly back home. We are members of the sailing club "Trans Ocean e.V.". They set up an idea to help the sailors that want to cross the Northern Atlantic from the Caribbean to Europe. Until we made up our minds what to do we registered in their list. They are in close contact to "Intermar" which is a club of amateur radio operators who support sailors with their knowledge and weather information. We were in touch with a very helpful sailor of Intermar and managed with his support to finalise our SSB. Dieter was very proud when he could communicate via radio and use our code "DO1 DOH" for the SSB. We had contact with Intermar in Costa Rica.

Charly is also interested in using the radio

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