“Dorian” passed Martinique

During the night we didn’t get much sleep because of the anchor watch and the gusts of wind that were quite heavy and had a lot of rain. We also saw boats where the anchor didn’t held. We didn’t want to change with them during rain and wind and the work on deck of the boat that had to be done.                                                           

At 8 o’clock „Dorian“ got started. It was impossible to see anything around our boat because of the heavy rain. Wind was attached as well as some bigger waves. We noticed a trimaran which was floating next to some other boats until it stopped in front of the flat bank. The crew was lucky that the boat wasn’t flipped through the strong wind. Another monohull tried to drop the anchor again and again but was extremely helpless. Some parts of the storm were like a psycho thriller.  We were happy that we bought the new delta anchor. It was like a rock and held the position of Whitebird very safely during the storm. Rocky didn't care about the rain. He wanted to be on deck most of the time an watch out for the other boats. Suram was the completely opposite - sleeping until everything was over...      

Around 12 o'clock the storm has passed Martinique and continued with direction to Puerto Rico. On Wednesday 28th August we learned that the tropical storm has turned into a hurricane and should reach Florida at the weekend. We were really relieved that we only experienced a weaker part of it.                                                                             

Photos taken by websites of noaa.gov and windy.com.

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  1. Liebe Familie Otto, ich bin erleichtert zu Lesen, daß der Sturm in Matinique noch verhältnismäßig harmlos war! Ansonsten bin ich begeistert von all den Erlebnissen. Das Abenteuer bleibt ein Abenteuer, die Familie wächst und gedeiht.... Hut ab vor so viel Lebensmut und Lebensfreude! Weiterhin eine handvoll Wasser unterm Kiel und Glück, Freude und Gesundheit wünscht Christiane Wichert

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