Enjoying el golfo de Ana Maria (part 1)

Before leaving Cienfuegos to Trinidad at 16th January we did a very big shopping for the next 2 weeks because we wanted to sail between the small islands in the golf of Ana Maria in the south of Cuba.

We stayed only one night in the marina of Trinidad because there was nothing around and the city was far away from the marina.

Cayo Chiquito was the first island we anchored. We met 2 fishing boats that also anchored in the bay. We gave them as a gift a bottle of rum. We read in some comments of navionics (navigation software) that the fishermen like to get a bottle of rum and will share their fish with you. In the afternoon they returned from fishing and gave us 4 lobster, fish filets and a lot of red snapper ;o)

Since we were not too far from the main island we had luck to have internet when we lifted a small bag with one mobile to the mast ;o)

The next day we took a tour with the dinghy between the mangroves which was quite interesting. We heard the birds singing in the silence. 

We enjoyed swimming in the water around our boat. Since the water was colder than expected we put on our wetsuit.

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