Ever heard of Surinam?

On Monday 27th May we left the criquet for the neighbour country Surinam. In the morning Claudi was awakened by a beautiful bird singing. When she looked through the loop to the mast there was a gaudy yellow bird sitting on one of the steps of the mast 😉

On our way to Surinam we tried to fish. Generally we weren't lucky to catch a fish while sailing but this time it was different. We saw the fishing rod moving and Dieter pulled the rod back to the boat. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw a fish on the rod!! We weren't quite ready to kill the fish. That was the point why we lost the fish again. It bit the fishing rod with the lure and disappeared in the water.

The next morning we arrived with the sunrise at the first buoy of the Surinam river such as Dieter has planned it 😉 This time our general speed was between 5 and 6 knots. At the first buoy was a fishing boat and we were lucky that we detected their fishing net in front of our way. We could drew aside at the last second...

This short sailing tour was full of small stories. There was a swallow flying around our boat which took its seat on our wind finder on top of the mast! You won't believe it but Dieter said "be careful it might shit down"... And so it did right on the nose of Rocky ;o))!!

We passed the capital of Surinam, Paramaribo, to get to Domburg where we stayed on a mooring buoy at the marina. On our way Charly enjoyed herself on deck...

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  1. Que historias tan divertidas, me alegro de que estéis bien y disfrutando con los niños de una aventura maravillosa. Un beso muy grande para mis niños y para sus papás. Isabel

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