Experiences in Calais…

We experienced some funny things in French culture. It was 29th of August and we had the "crazy" idea to allow us a breakfast in a café in Calais. Since their was no real breakfast on the menu as we know it from Germany we decided to order two sandwiches with ham and cheese and a coffee. Since they didn't offer croissant or anything similar we were allowed to buy this from the bakery... and eat it in the café.

After waiting some minutes we were brought our sandwiches and had to pull ourselves together to avoid laughing out loud. They were so big that we were satisfied for a long time...


Opposite of the café was a shop called "Friterie Claudia" ;o) I know were my 2nd business is running!

We discovered this beautiful church while we went through the city.

Relatively near to the marina a washing saloon was located. We didn't want to miss this chance! Later Charly helped to arrange the clothes on our boat ;o)

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