Family time

On the 18th February we sailed northbound of Long Island and arrived at the bay of Columbus Cove (north of the island). It had a nice white long beach and of course cristal clear water. Generally we do an anchor check by snorkeling in the water. The pity of the Bahamas is that on the one hand the water is not really warm (maybe 17 degrees) and on the other hand you always have to be aware of barracudas as far as we have experienced it. We had it twice that a big barracuda was in the water which was quite interested in Dieter while snorkeling.

This beach had a small tower which you could climb up but the tower was too small to have a great overview over the bay. However, Claudi and Charly walked through a narrow "jungle path" and headed to the "Santa Maria Tower".

On the beach Claudi detected some piece of wood that seemed to be digged into the sand. In order to find out what kind of "treasure" was below the sand we all began to shovel. In the end we didn't know what it exactly was; maybe some part of a boat but what was more important we had an extremely good time as family.

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