First day in Curacao…

Curacao belongs to one of the ABC islands and is part of the Netherlands Antilles. As official language is Dutch, Papiamentu and English but a lot of people speak also Spanish.

The bay of "Spanish waters" reminded us of the Prickly Bay of Grenada. There were a lot of boats on anchorage but not as crowded as in Grenada. Nevertheless, it was strange for us to be a boat among so many other boats after almost 3 weeks in loneliness 😉

On the first day we took the bus into the capital Willemstad to do customs and immigration. When we found the building for customs ("Douane") we learned that it was under renovation and moved to another place.

The first step was done and we had to walk to the immigration office. Our way led us over 2 floating bridges (which could be opened for ships) to the harbour part. There we found the immigration and the anchorage permit office...

The sky line of the harbour reminded us of a mixture between Amsterdam, Grenada and Lübeck 😉

We were happy when all the steps were done.

We let Charly sign her own immigration form 😉

Then we had to take the right bus to our bay which was not so easy because there exist so many different lines. To make things worse you could choose between smaller buses that stop also at that point you told the driver before or bigger buses that have a fixed time schedule and stop at the bus stops.

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