First impressions about Cuba

After having enjoyed 3 days in the marina (the last marina was in Brasil!) we stayed on anchorage again. Cienfuegos and its people are very nice. Everybody is very helpful if you speak Spanish or not. Since Claudi can speak Spanish it makes things much more easier. 

Cuba is a socialistic country and when you visit the city of Cienfuegos you think you travelled with a time machine into the 1970s. It seems as time has stopped and development is not necessary or needed.

When you go to the supermarket you don’t have the variety of products. You have f.e. one tomato sauce and this fills up the whole shelve.

A whole shelve of tomato sauce...

There are several small supermarkets but each supermarket has some special products the other supermarkets don’t have. Frozen meat is available as well as cheese or ham from time to time. Sometimes things are sold out and you have to wait until new products are being brought. It is better to buy more of the things you need because you never know when they will be available. In one shop we bought 50 eggs although we didn’t need so many but the next days we haven’t found any. 

Fresh fruits or vegetables can be bought in a hall. When you pay you have to take care if you pay in CUC (currency for foreigners) or in CUP (local currency). 1 CUC = 1 US$ or 1 CUP = 1/25 CUC. This is sometimes very confusing...

From the marina you can take a bicycle taxi or a motor tuc tuc into the city center. It takes you 15 miutes and if you walk it needs around 40 minutes. The citycenter has a nice park surrounded by old buildings like a theatre, the cathedral... You have small shops everywhere. It can be that you realize that they sell something although it is not obvious.

Every day is like a surprise – you never know what you will get 😉

For example we wanted to eat a hamburger but they do it sometimes without bread. But the kids liked it!

Internet is also an important topic to talk about. You can buy small cards where you have to rub a number which allows you to use internet for one hour. This procedure makes internet less important and you don’t see a lot of people using their mobile phones in the city. 

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