First impressions of Grenada

We lie with our Whitebird in Prickly Bay where it is easy to do the immigration and customs paper work because it is next to the marina's office. This point was easy to fulfill on our checklist. In Prickly Bay are around 100 other boats which are on anchorage or on a mooring buoy. Because of the start of the hurricane season some sailors have already left the bay and went to Trinidad and Tobago. We want to stay one month and will then go to the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) and some small safe Venezuelan Islands before. But we will watch the weather forecast carefully because you will never know...

The funny thing about Prickly Bay is that at 7:30 you can listen to a discussion of radiocommunication at channel 66. They talk about happenings in the bay, the weather forecast, selling and buying things from your boat, etc.

The second day we went with another German couple to the capital St. George because we had to change some money into EC$ (Eastern Caribbean Dollar) and fill our fridge again. To get into town you can use the local microbus which stops for hop on and hop off on each stop you require during the route. The typical thing in the microbus is that they have always loud music ;o) You pay 2,50 EC$ (0,80 €), no matter how far you go with the bus.

Claudi went in the morning with the dogs for a walk and was impressed by a lot of beautiful flowers.

We also enjoyed swimming in the turquoise water around our boat.

After so many new impressions it is good to take a rest and relax a while...

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  1. hi, it is excellent travel of you all of your family , i appreciate to us from your news . wish you kind regards. faithfully your friend . devendra nepal

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