Future plans

Now it's time to tell you about our next steps we are going to take. Since we talked to a lot of different people the last weeks where we can go and which places are nice to visit we changed our plans several times... It was Dieter who suggested Claudi to rethink about crossing the Atlantic. For her it was a difficult situation because internally she had finished with this plan because of his sea sickness. But one has to keep in mind that the journey from Portimao to La Graciosa was quite OK for Dieter.

This step needed time and we thought about it very conscientiously. It is not easy to take the right decision but we have come to a conclusion which is (for the moment) this:

We will go to Cape Verde and then sail to Brazil. This is the shortest distance you can make to cross the Atlantic. Since the Hurrican season in the Caribbean area lasts from June to November we will take our time to discover the Brazilian coast until November 2019. Then we will move to the Caribbean Islands, Cuba and Bahamas. But this is far in the future. Our next step is Cape Verde and then we can tell you more ;o)

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