Going for anchor on a sandbank

Before we could continue going north we had to do an oil change. When Dieter had done it on the starboard side he detected water in the oil. This promised nothing good. It meant that we had a leak in the sail drive. We suspected it came from the happening with the parasailor that was wrapped around the propeller on the crossing from the Canaries to Cape Verde Islands. It was better to have a look at the sail drive before we could go. But how could we do an inspection?

On 3rd April we decided to drive to a sandbank round the corner. We supposed to exchange the seal from the sail drive.

It was a cool adventure to lay on a sandbank for two days. Every 6 hours the tide changed. Since we are German we set the anchor ball because we were anchoring on a sand bank ;o)            When we got up the next morning there were some people who collected shells in the water.           Charly did the same with a 10 year old girl named Bia who was there with her father. Charly and Niklas had fun to play in the mud... ;o)

                Luckily the problem was the seal and we could buy a new one in a shop. It was awesome that the seal fitted and we didn't have to order one in a special shop. Luck was on our side!!


The only thing that was really annoying at dawn were the sand flies! They are small little dots that bite into one's skin and suck your blood. We had anti mosquito spray which they didn't care much about. Claudi and Niklas could hardly find sleep because they were attacked hard and everything was itching and they got crazy!

The next morning Rocky wanted to cross the river to the other side. But he didn't manage because he had to swim which he didn't like ;o)                                                                              


Before we could return to the marina we took the time to let our drone fly and to take some nice pictures...




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