Going shopping…

From time to time we did a bigger shopping tour because the local supermarket was too expensive to buy everything and of course doesn't have everything...                                   That meant one of us took the ferry at 8 o'clock to Lanzarote. From the ferry you wait for the bus and go to Arrecife. This takes about 1 hour 15 Minutes and you arrive finally at the last bus stop... From there you will have to walk 15 Minutes more to go to Lidl ;o)

Sometimes things that are normally quite easy to do and don't take much time become more difficult when you travel by boat. But these happenings make you appreciate the daily routined things.

On 29th December Dieter took Niklas and did the big shopping tour with him. We had more things to buy because New Year's Eve was just around the corner.  Charly and Claudi had a "mother daughter day" while Dieter and Niklas enjoyed their "father son day".

Charly was happy when the two "men" arrived back with the ferry in the afternoon.

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