Good morning, Lisbon!

Sunday 28th: The temperature sank to 15°C at daytime and got cold during the evening and night. Since we had no heating on board we appreciated the sun during the day...


We would like to move to the south but we were waiting for a new generator. Our generator was nearly brand-new. The engine ran perfect but didn't produce any electricity.

On Monday 29th, October we should receive a shipment with a new generator.

In the morning Rocky awake at first and watched us through the hatchway ;o)


Charly took the other foto from our bedroom. She is really talented in taking pictures...

We had three men from the marina who helped us to carry out the "old" generator which was very heavy!! Now we have to connect the new one which might take us some time...


In the evening it began to rain. Unfortunately, Rocky decided to sleep outside below our bimini some weeks ago where he could see the movement of the boat and hear the noises of the ropes better. We tried it several times to let him sleep inside the boat again but he couldn't relax and was only happy when he could stay outside ;o( What to do when the rain wouldn't stop during the night? We prepared Rocky a "hut" where he was safe against the weather and could hopefully sleep below his shelter.


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  1. Que contenta estaba charly con su amiga, y también veo que tenéis un nuevo capitán. El tiempo ha cambiado mucho tenemos nieve y frío. Cuidarlos mucho besos para todos

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